The best piece of wood.

Veneer is the noblest thing that can be obtained from a tree trunk which has decorative attractive features. This thin and high-quality real wood surface is laid on less valuable wood – a process that the Egyptians used more than 3000 years ago to economically use rare and precious woods.

Why Veneer?

In the middle of the last century veneer was the dominant surface material in the furniture and door industry. Nowadays veneer is in strong competition with other surfaces – mostly plastic, which try to emit naturalness. Veneer is the most economical and best way to preserve the environment. One average size forest tree made from solid timber can produce approx six pieces of various size cabinets for the home. If the same tree was to be sliced into veneer 240 cabinets could be produced. Definitely the more eco friendly method.

Veneer Production

From tree to noble surface.

Veneer Glossary

Everything about veneer from A to Z.

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Initiative Furnier + Natur e. V.

Together Strong – True to this motto, the Initiative Furnier + Natur e. V. (IFN) has served as the voice of the veneer industry and the veneer processing industry since 1996.