Furnierwerk Prignitz

Furnierwerk Prignitz GmbH & Co. KG
Tannenkoppelweg 10
16928 Pritzwalk, Falkenhagen

+49 33986  50-80
+49 33986  50-88

Built on a selected field in Prignitz, Brandenburg, in the year 2000, the veneer factory Prignitz is today one of the most modern veneer factories in Europe. With 4 machines (a Staylog-, peeling machine, a Cremona and a Babcock vertical machine as well as a further Cremona vacuum machine), the contract veneer factory can process up to 2000 cbm per month in peak, in all conceivable processing types, to fine veneers. The veneer plant is dedicated to providing tailor-made veneer products of the highest quality to a worldwide customer base.

Through the veneer factory, R. Ulrich & Co. is particularly flexible in meeting specific customer specifications. Veneers with a maximum thickness of 4.0 mm and a length of up to 5.20 m can be produced. As the veneer plant is a contract slicing plant, every tree trunk is very welcome and can enjoy being transformed from veneer plant into the most beautiful veneers.

We have 2 state-of-the-art shearing lines which cut the veneers flush, bundle and measure them precisely. In addition, each customer has an automatic sorting line at their disposal, which makes it possible to distribute the veneers on up to 40 different pallets and thus sort them in order to prepare the goods perfectly for the end customer. The state-of-the-art equipment makes it possible to produce excellent customer-specific veneers.