International Veneer Company

International Veneer Company, Inc.
1551 Montgomery Street
South Hill, Virginia 23970

+1 434 447-7100
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International Veneer Company, Inc. started in 1979 in Coldwater, Michigan. The three responsible persons, O.C. (Bo) Edwards, Sergio Colombo and Lutz Neukirchner, built this veneer plant with the strategy of producing fine hardwood veneers for the European market. The factory was originally founded as a contract slicing factory. Later, its own log procurement staff purchased high-quality veneer logs, had them cut into veneer and shipped the veneer to Europe. The predominant species were white oak, red oak, maple, cherry, walnut and ash.

In 1988, a modern sister plant was established in South Hill, Virginia, to meet the ever-increasing demand for the company's products. Since then, the company has become one of the world's leading manufacturers of the finest hardwood veneers. IVC sold its Michigan operations in 1992 and the company's headquarters were moved to South Hill. In 1995 the company merged with three European companies to form the IVC Group.

In 1996, IVC built a new sister plant, International Timber and Veneer, L.C. (ITV), in Western (Mercer) Pennsylvania. In 2013, IVC consolidated all production to ITV. Grading and selling remained in South Hill. The company strives to offer the best North American veneers in the world.