Grow with us.

We at R. Ulrich und Co. have been at home in the veneer trade for over 80 years and today offer a range of services that leaves nothing to be desired. From a medium-sized family business, already managed by the third generation, we are today one of the largest and most important suppliers of veneers worldwide. We offer a range of products and services which are continuously being used by the furniture industry, door industry, panel industry, right up to the exclusive interior finishing.

From the careful selection of raw materials in the best growing regions, to processing with our state of the art technology and machinery in our plants in North America and Germany, to sophisticated product logistics, we have the knowledge, the experience and the equipment to supply veneers of the highest quality.

In Hamburg, Germany more than 9 million m² of veneers are sold annually by our 25 strong front office and back office team on almost 6,000 m² of storage space. Our stock of around 100 different types of wood from all around the world comprises of almost 10 million m² of veneers along with the finest specialities. With common and special thicknesses and specific lengths up to 520 cm we can meet your requirements quickly, reliably and with flexibility.