Akupanel – Acoustic Panels

Beautiful. Quiet. Good for the environment.

Akupanel by Woodupp represents the highest quality, state of the art, acoustic panel. Not only will they absorb high levels of reflected noise but they will also create a more comfortable and much quieter environment.

The Lamellas with a rustic look are also a decorative item and creating a natural warmth feel to any room. The veneer is sorted in a way that minor cracks and knots are desirable as it emphases the rustic look.

The 2,400 x 600 mm large panels are produced from lamellas 11 mm deep and 27 mm wide. The lamellas are mounted with a gap of 13mm between each piece. The total thickness of the panel measures 20 mm. Each panel is specially developed from both recycled and responsibly sourced materials, making them an environmentally friendly product.


  • Beautiful wood veneer panel with superior sound absorption
  • Available in a number of different colours and species as standard
  • Produced using recycled and sustainable materials
  • Easy and quick to fix on walls and ceilings

Ideal areas of application

  • Commercial premises and offices
  • Schools and educational buildings
  • Call centers and reception areas
  • Factories
  • Theatres
  • Auditoriums
  • Conference Centers
  • Sports Centers
  • Recording Studios
  • Cinemas
  • High traffic public areas


You can order samples in small format in our online shop. go to the online shop.


  • Acoustics

    The panel is an optimal solution for efficient sound absorption, as well as lowering the reverberation time for noise in the room. As seen in the graph below the panel obtains an absorption coefficient of 0.97 at a frequency of 1,000 Hz. Loud speech and ‘regular’ noise in the room will be in a frequency between 500 – 2,000 Hz, and as it can be observed from the graph it is right here the panel is most efficient.

    If you want an even better absorption ability, we recommend to place 45 mm insulation behind the panel. This expanded acoustic solution will improve the panel’s acoustic qualities.

  • Dimensions

    Akupanel measures 2,400 x 600 mm, built from lamellas 11 mm deep and 27 mm wide, with 13 mm gap between the lamellas. The lamellas are mounted on a bottom of 9 mm specially developed acoustic felt. The panel is in all 20 mm thick.

  • Installation Instructions

    1. Install 45 mm (thickness) studs directly on your wall/ceiling with a distance of 600 mm.
    2. Install the acoustic panels directly on the studs with screws (min. 3.5 × 35 mm). You can easily fit the screws between the lamellas in the underlying acoustic felt. Every panel is installed with 15 screws. Use black screws to achieve the best finish.
    3. Cutting of the panels are easily done with a fine jagged saw. The underlying acoustic felt is easily cut with a good knife.
    4. For an expanded acoustic solution, you can place 45 mm insulation between the studs.