European ash quarters
European ash quarters
European ash quarters
European ash quarters


Fraxinus excelsior


Deciduous tree


Other trade names:

de: Wundholz, Steinesche, Hochesche, gewöhnliche Esche, gemeine Esche, europäische Esche, Geissbaum, Edelesche

en: Ash, European ash, Common ash

fr: Frêne commun

es: Fresno norteño, fresno común, fresno grande

it: Frassino maggiore, Frassino comune

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Origin: Europe, Asia (Except for some parts of Spain, it grows in all of Europe and the near east of Asia)

Ecological: available as FSC 100% and controlled wood, available as PEFC certified wood, not listed on CITES

Usage: Furniture, Doors, airplane interior finishing, Panels, interior finishing, Intarsia

Colors: Beige / Yellow brown, Light brown

Available cuts: Flat / Crown cut, Rift / Quarter cut

Available strengths: 0.36 mm, 0.5 – 0.6 mm, 1.0 mm, 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm, 2.5 mm

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Tree Height: Up to 35 m

Bark: Green-grey and smooth when young, dark grey to dark brown, barky and furrowed when mature

Texture: Fine

Smell: Inconspicuous

Resistance: Low resistance to fungi and insects

Mechanische Bearbeitung: Good

Technical wood data:

Raw Density: 0,41 - 0,82 g/ccm

Compressive Strength: 43 - 59 N/mm²

Flexural Strength: 100 - 127 N/mm²

Shear Strength: 14 - 16 N/mm²

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Hochwertige Furniere

Direkt vom Produzent

  • FSC & PEFC zertifiziert
  • 10+ Mio. m² Furnier
  • 100+ Holzarten
  • 6.500 m² Lagerfläche
  • 80+ Jahre Erfahrung