Veneer Flooring Planks

For high-quality parquet flooring.

In line with the current floor trend of oak plank, we have successfully developed a cover slat for parquet manufacturers, which can be produced in any dimension and in thicknesses up to 4.0 mm. We can offer you our support from the procurement of logs to the processing of this product.

Sliced top lamellas have some advantages over sawn veneer production. One option is the waste. With a sawn veneer there is always the loss of the saw blade, with a veneer knife however this loss does not occur. Another aspect is the drying. The veneers have to be stacked and stored for a long time from the sawn production. However, the sliced lamellas can be dried by our dryers and can therefore be used in the shortest possible time to produce the parquet. Although production causes so-called knife cracks (micro cracks), this is not a problem with oiled surfaces.

Do you have any questions about veneer flooring planks? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to help you.