VeneerStories tells about people and their love and passion for a unique material, the natural product veneer. It is widely known that veneer is used in furniture-making. But the natural product is capable of more and is increasingly used to “finish” many objects and products in everyday life. VeneerStories not only presents extravagant furniture made of veneer but also products made of veneer that have been little known of or unheard of until now and introduces the artists, designers, and craftspersons behind the products. As different as the individual protagonists are, they all have one thing in common: their passion for veneer.

Fiery, cowboy-like, full of passion, describes the furniture world of Sarah Maier, because the designer conjures up her self-made furniture with unique veneers. Wood and water do not go together! “They do”, says Achim Allrich, master carpenter at the Cologne Chamber of Crafts, and shows apprentices how to build veneered kiteboards, which move really fast on the water. The designer Rolf Senti also finds the combination of wood and water wonderful and makes exclusive baths out of veneer – each one a unique object. Soft and smooth, warm, unique, that is the wooden spectacles made by the Austrian firm Roland Wolf. Some people build furniture out of wood, others whole walk-in wardrobes – naturally with an exclusive veneer design. Such a walk-in wardrobe is the dream of every woman, reports the specialist for individual furniture-making, Michael Bröker.


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