Sycamore 1,5mm thick cut

Maple, European | Acer pseudoplatanus | Log no. 13476-11

A Sycamore of this thickness and quality is very rare. A log that meets the highest demands.

Technical data:

Area (m²): 296.91 m²

max. length (cm): 325 cm

Thickness (mm): 1.5 mm

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General information about the wood species Maple, European

Fagaceae [EN]

Deciduous tree


Other trade names:

de: Europäischer Ahorn, Bergahorn, Falsche Platane

en: Sycamore, European maple

fr: Erable blanc, Sycomore

es: Falso platano, Sicomoro, Arce blanco

it: Platano falso, Sicomoro, Acero fico, Acero di monte

Origin: Europe

Texture: Fine

You can find even more information about the wood species Maple, European in our veneer collection.

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